June 7

Best WordPress Tutorials For Learning How to Create a WordPress Site or Blog

Jdog WordPress Tutorials

If you looking to get into WordPress and the world of blogging we have some great suggestions for free tutorials to get started.

Now offering both Minecraft Tutorials and WordPress tutorials the videos we create are not only to the point but also simple enough for anyone to follow along with. The idea is that anyone can create a website using the right guides.

Jdog WordPress Tutorials

Best Way to Learn WordPress

I always suggest to start of by watching some YouTube tutorials first to start to understand what WordPress is and what you can do. All my videos get uploaded to SeekaHost YouTube first an My Facebook page so make sure to head over there and subscribe to catch up with the latest content.

How ever all these videos have been put into one easy to use website. Categorised so you can find exactly the video guide you want by using the table of content.

Learning WordPress From the Start

As with anything new, it can be hard to learn where to start. The problem is with out seeing exactly what is needed it can be hard to learn from a written guide as you haven’t got a visual reference. For this reason it has been a main goal to show an easy guide that can be followed along with by anyone.

If your reading this article and are still unsure exactly what it is and what your able to do you can check out my first Vlog explaining this.

Best WordPress Tutorials 2021

So lets get into the site, you can find all the tutorials from the Jdog Home Page. Split into categories like Creating a WordPress Site or WordPress Security its easy to find exactly what your looking for.

The aim is not only for people to find the exact answer for the problem but also to not have to sit through an hour long video trying to find the relevant part. We have how ever created a long all in one video of creating a whole WordPress site as everyone likes to work differently. And if short specific videos aren’t your thing then have a look at the video below to get a WordPress site up from start to finish.

Jdog WordPress Blog

Not only is there more videos constantly being inserted on the website but you an also check out the blog. You can find anything Minecraft or WordPress related. From reviews to top 10’s.

The Vlog will also be posted on here once a week talking all about getting into WordPress and blogging. From the start of not knowing what WordPress even is all the way to advanced security, using SEO to help your pages rank. Building PBN’s and much more.

Its almost like a follow along WordPress course that you can follow along with and really make your site the absolute best site it can be. The potential of WordPress is endless. From creating blogs attracting thousands of people to starting entire business with only a laptop and some time.

There are so many things you can do so its good to have a great plan and thats exactly what we will be going through in this series of Vlogs.

Private Blog Network Tutorials

For those of you interested in building a Private Blog Network (PBN) we also have lots of handy tips and tricks to show you. From buying the hosting all the way to hosting your blog. How to add security and build an effective network that helps build your main site.

From cloudflare hosting to decrease your PBN footprint, to finding expired domains to use for your PBN.

Another good article to check out is how to make money from a blog, where it shows you all the different ways you can make turn it into a career.

With so may possibilities its time to go check it out and see how easy it is to start hosting your won site.

cloudflare tutorial

Good Value Website Design

Understandably there are also many business that haven’t got the extra time to learn about WordPress and build their own site. So we also offer good value Website Design, simply fill out a Free quote form and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

New to the market we have a lot to prove to the market so our prices are low and the quality stays high. To check them out head over to and you will find all the options on the Jdog Homepage.

Jdog WordPress Tutorials

April 21

Best PBN Manager Tool by SeekaHost

Looking for a PBN manager tool?

Then the SeekaHost Private blog network hosting and management tool is the best solution to get started online.

There are several tools created and promoted online but nothing can come closer to simplicity and ease to use like the SeekaHost WordPress blog hosting control panel.

You can get started for free with a 7 days trial and start hosting domains with the domain hosting control panel.


You can watch the below video to know everything about how to use the pbn management software to host domains and installed WordPress.